mardi 24 février 2009

Hamburger. Home Made. Recipe.

Kayla Kramer, styliste de son état, carnivore qui plus est, a imaginé la recette du Hamburger Bed.
Texane à souhait.
Il en coûtera 2000$. Prix maximum conseillé par la créatrice du one shot.

La preuve par 9:

"What do I need to make my own hamburger bed?

*1 circular bed and "box" frame (mine is way bigger than it looks and took some stealthy moves to get it in my house)
*2 tones of light brown fabric
*dark brown king fitted sheet
*memory foam
*king sized yellow and green sheets
*30 pillows
*a couple of zippers
*pantyhose (for the sesame seeds)
Sew together".

That's all folks.

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